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John Travolta Posters

Saturday Night Fever and Grease where the two movies that made John Travolta famous, but after a decline of almost one decade, he seems to be back in business. All of them are in pristine quality and buyers get to choose between the framed version and the free canvas, with the price being the last concern.
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John Travolta Art

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Blow Out Italian
Wall Poster
11" x 17"
Usually ships same day
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While John Travolta printings celebrating his performance in Grease were popular back then and are still much appreciated today. Pulp Fiction is the film that boosted his career. Travolta was great in the role of Vincent Vega and there are plenty of John Travolta Posters focusing on that particular performance. He is one of the few actors that tend to look cool regardless of role, but in Pulp Fiction this image fit like a glove and John will be long remembered for his role.

Even though Travolta didn’t star in a film of the same magnitude over the last two decades, it is only fair to say that Tarantino set the bar very high. Ladder 49 and Wild Hogs are just two shining example of recent movies in which Travolta was brilliant and proved that he still has the skills to match his cool looks.
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