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Dorothy Siemens Wall Art

Dorothy Siemens can be found in her studio almost daily, happily painting. Dorothy has been making art since her childhood. She has been making art as long as she can remember. As a child, she used to spend her free time painting and drawing very attractive pieces of art. When she went to high school, her passion for art never left her. She decided to take illustration classes privately. She was tutored by a commercial artist. Dorothy is inspired by nature to produce expressive and bold works. She also enhances her work by her dramatic imagination. Decorative art, repetition and pattern are also influencers of her art, and she combines these with texture and beautiful colors, resulting in elevating art full of life. Many clients purchase her art because they are able to decorate the walls for a lifetime. In 1985, she graduated from the Toronto Three Schools of Art for a year, and then proceeded to the Ontario College of Art and Design.

Her art is admired by many and that explains why she has managed to attract a huge following of loyal fans who are always on the lookout for her new pieces of art. Recently, Dorothy moved to Port Hope, Ontario. In her new home, she has a magnificent studio space with large windows and bright light. She discovered and fell in love with the medium of cold wax and oil paint. She loved it for its sheer lusciousness, vibrant color and textural possibilities. Dorothy has worked in careers such as knitting design, illustration and graphic design, but she now paints full-time.

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